Friday, August 29, 2014

On Marshmallow Clouds

A bundle of blooms,
cruise a pool of cool hues,
petals fragrant and floating,
like tiny perfumed balloons.

If I could wing with the wind,
and on marshmallow clouds,
catch my breath as I sit,

I'd marvel at my majestic
   bird's eye view visit.

But the sea beckons me 
to dip into its depths,
so I jump off my cloud,
as I take one big breath,
then, drift on the water,
like the petals in bloom. 

Thanks for visiting
and happy weekend!


  1. Beautiful photos! They so remind me of my visit to Greece so many years ago.thank you for bringing back the memories! Happy weekend to you too!

  2. Just found your blog and decided to follow you. What a beautiful place you live in, the color of the water and the clarity is incredible. I know I will enjoy visiting your blog often.


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