Sunday, February 16, 2014

Door Detour

How many times
 have I dashed by
 these old, dated doors,

scurrying to escape 
the sizzling woes of 
insufferable summer heat?

Other times, 
during siesta silence,
 I seize the moment
 for quiet guidance,

 to search for traces,
clues and close-ups, 
on faces fluted, chipped,
 worn out;

cosmetic character flaws, perhaps,
 but strong footsteps to solid souls.

 Further down the cobblestone,
gates, freshly painted
to look smooth and sleek,
provide a framed perspective,
and an exclusive peek into
 a courtyard of potted petals.

All quite charming, 
these updated, made-up metals,
 but where's that marked intrigue,
   that lost mystique, so present in
 their wrinkled, weathered elders: 
the wooden, but charred, 
the hollow, scarred, and marred,
 the mossy, crooked and ajar?

The last of these gems,
 en route to my own residence,
bordered by a grove stacked
with bitter, black fruit,

a stony structure stands
 sound and solitaire, despite
  its broken window and door.

And, although 
exposed to elements 
unforgiving and unfair,
it bears no evidence
in its stoic air, of a
 core, torn or dishonoured.

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  1. Poppy this was a delight both in picture and word....these doors are each a work of wabi sabi in their scars and broken much more beautiful than any painted metal gate.

  2. Doors tell so much and yet so little. They trigger off questions and wild imaginings. You have taken and shared some great photos here. There seem to be so many stories behind those doors.

  3. What wonderful door photos. You are a gifted photographer! And your words accompany your photos so well. I like this stanza especially:

    scurrying to escape
    the sizzling woes of
    insufferable summer heat?

  4. I love those doors.. so many colors and the flaking paint and beauty.. I felt like I was going with you when you hunted with your camera..

  5. I read and think of the stories these doors could tell the lives that have passed through them. Wonderful write!

  6. I am always fascinated by doors and wonder what is the story behind each one. I enjoyed reading your poetry and the visual effect of the pictures left me wanting to open a door or two.

  7. I love doors. Anfd these pictures are very fine. The poem could stand alone, too, in its descriptive and then symbolic love of entranceways, particularly those with a story to tell. ANd then you end with a more personal image that makes me think of a heart broken, but still alive at core.

  8. Those old doors are so wonderful! The more they're weathered, the more beautiful they are. Your poem is one of my favorites today! Really made me smile :)

  9. The photos are wonderful - thank you for so richly sharing your walk and your neighborhood with us.......I envy you the olive trees! Black olives are one of my fave things.

  10. Such beautiful doors, so colorful and full of history. They definitely have character as you describe in your lovely poem. What a wonderful country you live in ~ love the olive tree :)

  11. I love this. I have a fascination with doors that never gets satiated and your photographs here are absolutely stunning. And the words you have written are breath-taking. This is my favorite part:
    "their wrinkled, weathered elders:
    the wooden, but charred,
    the hollow, scarred, and marred,
    the mossy, crooked and ajar?"

    The way you have used alliteration, rhyme and rhythm in this is spectacular....the result is music to the reader's is so lyrical. Excellent piece!!

  12. I prefer a well painted door ~ But those scarred and well worn doors are just beautiful too ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  13. What wonderful doors! Enhanced by your words.

  14. hey Poppy your blog is an amazing home to lay a weary heart for some hours to be strengthened by the beauty of your words...."a stony structure stands / sound and solitaire, despite / its broken window and door." my favorite lines....

  15. your photo story is elegant in its tones of season, and surroundings, those doors, old weather beaten carry within their character a rich harvest of stories yet unspoken

    i enjoyed this walk with you, and must thank you for your lovely sharing

    much love...

  16. the doors tell a lot of stories. hope they will be preserved...

  17. Oh, those vintage doors are sure a treat to my eyes & curiosity. So much can be pondered about these antique beauties that once sheltered our fathers. Lovely!

    - ksm

  18. Another beautiful walk with looks divine..

  19. Poppy,

    A delighful kind of tour and holiday view of the scenes all around you. I love doors with all the images one can imagine about each one, now or past.



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