Friday, August 29, 2014

Escape to Plaka and A Prayer

A dilapidated cafe, Plaka, Crete

When things get a little hectic, 
or worry is wearing me down,
I drown myself in distress,
or, I get out of town.

 I am always drawn to the sea, 
(perhaps it's the Pisces in me),
Fishing boats, anchored and awaiting new passengers, Plaka, Crete

 and so, when that crystal hue
of Aegean blue is in view,

 my mood magically lifts,
my perspective shifts,
and suddenly, I am
floating in a sea of hope.

Please join me,
and say a prayer for my
sweet friend, Tammy,
witty writer of the Peanut,  
who is faced with some
challenges of her own 
at this time.
Thanks for visiting
and have a wonderful week!


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