Thursday, March 12, 2015

Covered in Crayola Colour

'Chapped and chippy' aquamarine and
'orange peel' tangerine, are what I
named these bright, bold hues; bet the
Pantone people would not be amused. 

  Covered in crayola colours,
this public school built in 1900,
is more reminiscent of a charming cottage
  than a place that houses ABCs and numbers! 

Stucco, stone, wood, and iron, the
 stars of this scholastic structure,
  together teach a lively lesson in
classical Cretan architecture.

A few villages over, a farmhouse,
 pebbled in earthy, faded tones,
 shows signs of having weathered
storms; no doubt, due to the 
soldiers set in stone, still
 standing at attention.

Meandering through mountainous terrain,
I eventually reached the northern coast, 
where sailboats, bobbing on bouncy waves,
 didn't stray too far from sandy shores.

Back among fruit filled trees,
branches blowing in the breeze,
bare vines, (the black sheep
 of this gnarly brood), being in
 a gloomy mood, refused to budge.
Alas,the sweet and juicy fare
 they bear, not there to dress
their lonely limbs, left the
pruned and prickly trunks, feeling
 desperately miserable and grim.

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  1. I remember Crayola - the smell of them was so lovely too...another uplifting meander with you..thank you!

  2. The bright colours in the photos you shared reflect a lovely & lively place to live in. A great offering, & I enjoyed it. Thank you, Poppy!

    - ksm

  3. Travelogue, colorful photos and words to entice us what a gourmet feast of Crete you have served up.

  4. What a beautiful place you live in, so colorful! I love the architecture of the old buildings. And lovely natural surroundings, too. The reference to Pantone made me smile ~ I like your names for the colors better :)

  5. A beautiful journey in photos and words. What lovely buildings & scenery you have shared today, Poppy!

  6. Hi Poppy,if you would be willing to share photos with the Pantry, I would enjoy that. Send a few sets to me in groups of five per email. No need to send full size. Works well if each set has a kind of theme & a description. Thanks.

  7. lovely piece on color... please send more to Mary... your photos are wonderful

  8. Your comment came through. Thanks for your kindness. Hopefully, wordpress will recognize you in the future. Have a good weekend.

  9. So fresh and lovely... In thought, writing and image capture... 'Chapped and chippy' Love that! With Best Wishes Scott www,

  10. what a wonderful journey with you today Poppy...

  11. The journey through colors in words and pictures is just lovely.. there is such delight in the crayola..

  12. I am envious of you--this is such a wonderful and magical place--thank you for sharing it!

  13. How I enjoy the color of your photos and your words.....felt like I took a lovely stroll with you through the various vantage points. As my eyes are poor, I have a bit of trouble making out the print against the background but I managed most of it!

  14. Another wonderful visual read.

  15. Poppy there is a beauty in these old buildings and gnarly trees. I love the colors and also the peridot green around the schoolhouse windows...certainly not what a schoolhouse ever looked like in my lifetime.

  16. i could stay for a week to take photos!
    those colors are photographers' obsession.
    thanks for sharing your adventure.

  17. I like your meandering stroll through words, colors, and images. Thanks for taking me along,


  18. Lovely stuff - thanks for letting me visit.
    Anna :o]

  19. Poppy, the colours are beautiful and the light amazing. Green and orange look great together.

    Have a lovely week!

  20. You have such colorful photos in your posts....and I love the doors :-)

  21. Love those colors. Those tiny boats are adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Colorful photos indeed and popping with brightly colored words.


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