Sunday, March 29, 2015


It never would have crossed my mind,
before having been informed,
that the tall, heart leaved tree above me
was the subject of a religious storm.

Σπόροι Κουτσουπιά

Adorned in shiny clusters of magenta,
its lanky branches are transformed, into
bracelets charmed with hot pink gems -
  arboreal arms impossible to ignore! 


Legend has it, that this sparkling tree,
whose flowers were once dressed in white,
blushed with shame upon discovering the
horrific sight, of Judas, one of Jesus Christ's
   disciples, hanging from a bending bough, 
sick with guilt that he'd betrayed the Lord,
having failed to keep his sacred vow. 

I sympathize with the history
behind this rosy coloured tree,
its sweet appearance so incongruous
with its unfortunate notoriety. To me,
 it's just a cheery, pink umbrella, 
dotted with silky, stellar petals,
and not a canopy of blasphemy.

Cercis siliquastrum, or Judas trees, 
are presently blooming on the island.

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  1. No .. such beauty can never be a tribute to blasphemy.. I had never heard that story.. The cheerfulness of those flowers just make me smile.

  2. I feel sorry that a tree as wonderful as this would serve host for such a tragic act from the past. But then, the beauty of it cannot be denied today so let's just leave the story behind & enjoy what we can enjoy. Thanks for the poem, Poppy!

    - ksm

  3. This is remarkable!! Such fascinating pictures and a lovely poem to go with it! :D
    I love it Poppy :D

  4. Poppy, that is quite a story. Sad that such a beautiful tree is tied to the story of Judas. I sympathize with the history of that tree too!

  5. What lovely colors for the tree ~ I never did know that history, thanks for sharing~

  6. The trees are spectacular, what a deep shade of the photo of the lane under their arching boughs. Would love to walk there. Interesting history of the legend behind the tree. I had not heard that before.

  7. In French this tree is also called Judas' tree but I never associated it with the Biblical story. I prefer to remember the beauty you show rather than the blasphemy.

  8. I do agree Poppy what a lovely tree. I'm happy you dropped in at my Sunday Lime today

    Much love...

  9. I love this story and what a beautiful tree...interesting that it is part of Judas' story!

  10. I too had never heard that story, to me they are just beautiful blossoming trees. The one with the path is gorgeous.

  11. Photographs are stellar and the poem rises to a note and testament to joy with your words ... "To me,
    it's just a cheery, pink umbrella,
    dotted with silky, stellar petals,
    and not a canopy of blasphemy. "

  12. story and the poem intricately woven

  13. Beauty will definitely win over blasphemy. And what a magnificent tree is that!!...Not only the flowers the words too are precious gems the descriptions...

  14. Interesting back story. The flowers blushed because of what was witnessed. This was uniquely presented, Poppy

  15. I love the idea of the pink umbrella...God knew the destiny of Jesus therefore Judas was meant to play his part..a beautiful post

  16. Poppy,

    I prefer to consider it as a beautiful pink umbrella, as you have written. A lovely view of the cherry blossom..


  17. Everything has an opposite. A tragic past can bring such wondrous beauty :) Lovely poem, Poppy and beautiful pictures to match!

  18. How beautiful ~ I love the pink blooms. I didn't know the religious significance. Thanks for sharing that. Lovely poem & photos as always. :)

  19. How nicely you integrate the history of this tree's naming in your beautiful poem. I love the pictures.

  20. Canopy of blasphemy! It's amazing when sin is decked out so magnificently, isn't it? Maybe that's why blossom time is so short? Joking really! Love this highly informative poem and the illustrations. (Don't forget to put this poem in the Linky, Poppy!)

  21. how on earth could i have been missing this blog?
    i sat right there reading your whole interview and saw it... it just never registered i guess!
    silver hair and all. :)
    oh poppy.
    it's just so beautiful.
    i will have to linger. and enjoy. and drink deeply of this beauty.
    may your easter weekend be blessed beyond measure dearest little bean! XOXOXO♥


  23. What a beautiful tree! Very interesting story behind it, I did not know! Glad I saw your blog.

  24. Could not be more perfect to find this lovely poem about the incongruity of the cheery pink trees and the blasphemy, given our own cheerless day of saying goodbye to the cherry trees. Some kind of great synchronicity going on here....


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