Saturday, May 2, 2015

REM Dilemma

I have this dream, where I am
 walking in a field of flowers,
 daisies, mostly, some yellow, others
 white. All tall, and blindingly bright,
in the early morning sun, they feel
like thousands of frilly flashlights
aimed at my squinting face, demanding
a motive for my meandering among them.

I don't have one. I wandered there, 
not following a trail, for my eyes 
were barely open due to restlessness
the night before, in which my sleep
was stolen, by angst and fear and
insecurity, those relentless thieves
of the psyche, that hypothesize and
terrorize my suffering spirit, nightly!

the vast and vivid meadow shrinks and
   morphs into a narrow path. Flowers are
  intact, but they're squeezed between
 two barriers - a wall of stone and a
wire fence. At this point, the tense,
 claustrophobic me is feeling miserably,
since the only accessibility to openness 
from this flowery, congested patch is 
a cliff top dive into thin air,
a drop into the valley directly
below, with nothing to latch on to,
nobody to catch my fall.

to my rescue, the REM patrol shows up!
It stops the dream that caused a scene,
 restoring peace and creating calm, 
so that, in the end, with decisions spared, 
 jittery nerves repaired, eyes relaxed and
 still, I bid adieu to the courageous crew,
then dizzily drift into a dream-free shift
of heavy, uninterrupted sleep.

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  1. nature is a great healer.................

  2. ouch.. a dream saved...lovely photo and word flow Poppy :)

  3. Such a beautiful & dreamy verse.. :D

  4. You have presented your dream journey very vividly, Poppy. And I also feel the relief when you don't have to dive off that cliff into thin air.... I too have had frightening dreams, and I am always glad when I leave them and can resume my peaceful sleep. I enjoyed your photos very much once again, Poppy.

  5. I am impressed that not only you could remember so much but also put it into flowing verses so as to share it with us! Beautiful photos too!

  6. Poppy, you live in a land steeped in you think this influences your dreams.....and have they changed since you came to live in Crete?

    1. Thanks for your very interesting question! Actually, ever since I was a little girl, I've always had very vivid dreams, clear, and colourful, and the most fascinating factor about my dreams, is that many of them have been realized, thankfully, mostly all positive situations. One, in particular, though, was a message from a friend's mother in Canada, who had just passed away; she came to me, in my dream, to let me know she was 'leaving'. When I awoke, I recorded the dream in a notebook, and a few hours later, my brother called me, here in Greece, with the intention of notifying me of my friend's mother's passing, but he didn't get the chance, since I announced it first.

    2. Thanks Poppy, I too have precognitive dreams, sometimes about world events but I seldom know what their meaning until later. I do find that certain places bring up massive dreams.

  7. interesting dream, it's always so strange how our dreams can turn into fears, and how at that last moment we wake up from it.

  8. The narrow path that leads to the abyss, what a suffocating image, I love how you tied it together and as saved with the sleepy rescue crew, as usual amazing pictures.

  9. you never cease to take me out of myself.
    into a life painting of words and images that are as vivid as the breath i breathe!
    so beautiful poppy.
    it's a long trip you're about to make...
    and even in excitement... some bare knuckle moments too?
    you will always be saved darling girl! you have that kind of spirit! XOXO♥

  10. What a great poem Poppy. I love your descriptions, the rem police, the dilemma of dreams as in life, the menacing jump into thin air. Maybe in your next dream, you'll jump and see what happens. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

  11. Oh i need that REM Patrol...dreaming of open meadows is bliss.

  12. Your photos are, as always, spectacular.........a dream of walking in fields of flowers would be, in my world, bliss....LOL. I generally have dreams where I am birthing quadruplets in a bakery where I am making many loaves of bread, while the cat has kittens in the get the idea......hee hee.

  13. photos are as Sherry notes 'spectacular' ... love the imbedded rhyme :)

  14. Vivid! Nothing quite like them. And what lovely pictures. Have a safe trip back home.

  15. "demanding
    a motive"
    Perverse dreams! As if they ever give us alibis!
    What gorgeous flowers! Are they real and near your home? I love:
    ", those relentless thieves
    of the psyche, "
    and later : "the REM patrol"
    My naps too, have this quality--or rather, the long nights,restless, turn into short naps because of the anxieties of day. I enjoyed your images and sound devices. A pleasure to read.

  16. Gorgeous images of the world you live and dream in! Hope you get a goodnight's sleep soon.

  17. The value of the dream priceless, as you were able come up a poem such as this.

  18. well written and very clever and imaginative.

  19. The vision of sleep within sleep. Well written

  20. Hi, thank you very much for your stopping by and sweet comment.Gorgeous pictures.

  21. Hi, thank you very much for your stopping by and sweet comment.Gorgeous pictures.

  22. Absolutely beautifully written. Perfect pictures too. Thank you so much for sharing.

  23. Oh Poppy, my dear sweet friend, how could I have not known that you have 2 beautiful blogs, until this early dawn. I am thrilled to have landed on this, maybe by accident, and yet such a lovely one. I shall try and make my way here often now. Lovely as you, and your heart shares, so passionate. Hugs to you dearest~

  24. What a great post! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. You have a very interesting dream. Absolutely beautifully written. Beautiful photos too. Thanks for sharing!

  25. I Love these pics! I had realized you had this site as well. I feel like I've takes a mini vacation.

  26. Interesting dream and writing ♥

  27. Bei uns sagt man: Träume sind Schäume. Sie gehen vorbei.
    Deine Blumenwiese ist wunderschön.
    Ich hoffe, dass du fest und traumfrei schlafen kannst.
    Viele Grüße,


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