Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Sprintime Story of Grandeur and Glory

Daisies arrive on the patio, completely unexpected.

Between marble columns,
burnt orange daisies secure a
 hot spot in the siesta mid-day sun,
to bask in the warmth of its healing
 rays - a spritz of springtime therapy
 after withering away from winter's malaise.

A bubble of almond blossoms
bursts on to the scene, waking
 olive trees and buttercups bored
 with the usual. It shocks the serene by
splashing some rosy white on the green
  and suddenly, the meadow looks awesome!

From rooftop ruins, lemony daisies sprout
between wide cracks in the sandy stone,
cheery, open - air dwellers of a centuries
  old home, which shows no traces of its 
'once upon a time' life. A structural array
  of climatic strife, this abode, a tragic 
example of 'open concept' design, is, 
alas, a model of rubble in rocky decline.

 On ground level, a red poppy stands 
alone, in a field of cliquey colour.
Crepe paper frail, its silky petals
shiver in the cool, March breeze -
surely, an SOS of a flower in distress,
in dire need, of some TLC, from its own,
 faraway, siren hued sisters. I wonder,
will they heed its weak and woeful
 whisper, before it wilts and shrivels?

 Close by, predatory branches claw their way 
towards an unsuspecting, naive bell. Can't
they tell that this metal's heavily guarded?
Why don't they back away, before it starts
to sway, and alert all those around it?

Echium plantagineum in purple, and more
daisies, this batch in butter and cream, 
spice some life on the bones of a new build,
 and perk up a faded patina in peach.

 Yes, spring has arrived in the
Cretan countryside, bearing gifts
of bucolic grandeur and glory.
I am grateful for Mother Nature's 
generous offerings, and her 
miraculous, annual, dowry. 

 Happy Spring,
my friends!
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  1. Poppy, your words and photos are a breath of fresh air! I loved the way you also highlighted the colors in your verses! Greece, in spring, must be beautiful. Ha, you are a bit ahead of us here!

  2. Springtime therapy - the best kind..light, colour and all those beautiful images.. :)

  3. Oh I love this breath of spring froze Crete.. So great to see in pictures, reminding me that spring is moving north day by day.

  4. Yes! Thanks for this "spritz of springtime therapy" in full color, with help from "faraway, siren hued sisters" is sure to come for you, Ms. Poppy!!

  5. love your sprightly words of colors and freshness Poppy...beautiful

  6. What a pleasure it was to bask among your flowery beautiful scenes. What tales those old ruins would tell if they could talk. Such beauty, Poppy. Made my day.

  7. Awww.. this is breath-taking! Pictures are absolutely gorgeous! The poem fits it perfectly! Its a masterpiece!!

  8. Poppy, I love this awakening of Spring in your worlds. Still waiting for the color that the birds are foretelling each dawn.
    Your photos you shared were marvelous!!

  9. I love your colorful pictures, Poppy. They tell a story all on their own. Of course your words are a beautiful match as well :)

  10. Very colorful and joyous adventure lovely pictures accompanied with lovely words.

  11. I love how you opened this with those orange daisies having a siesta in the spring's warm sun....oh how I long to feel it too.

  12. Yes, another wonderful trip with words/commentaries and pictures. A very pleasant and pleasing site.

  13. Beautiful poem & photos! Love the red poppies! Your country has such energy & vibrancy :)

  14. Lovely tribute to spring time in words and photos. I enjoyed your photos of Greece as well.

  15. happy spring indeed! a the colors of spring, who cares if they don't complement with each other. important thing our world is longer black and white .

  16. Greatly enjoyed both words and pictures.

  17. It was delightful to read your words and be soothed by the beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for this.

  18. Thank you. Your whole array of images and words lifted my spirit in fantastic ways,


  19. Beautiful photos Poppy.......I can only imagine walking in the flower carpeted olive groves.
    Thank you for sharing the beauty.....

    Happy Spring!

  20. O, this great offering from you, Poppy, indeed! Love how you give a word and sense to each flower and place, and under your pen the nature comes alive with all its seasonal changes! Thank you and happy Spring! x

  21. I like the colors of spring in your part of the world ~ Lovely pictures and thanks for sharing them ~

  22. Poppy,

    An array of every wonderful colour in your bouquet of poetic words. Spring is a sparkling time for you!


  23. These are all amazing, Poppy! I love your play with colours. Your poem was so enjoyable to read making me want to linger outdoor, lie on the grass, smell the sky, watch the clouds swing, & many more. Thank you for giving us many ways to get inspired with your lively words & photographs. Smiles.

    - ksm

  24. Burnt orange daisies in contrast to winter's glorious. Truly delightful and hopeful!!! Love the photography and your choice of wording with "winter's malaise"--really offsets the effect of contrasts.

  25. I'm in love with the last line of this panoramic plethora of visual and sensual poetry ! Simply gorgeous.

  26. What an array of events, just as the season you describe.

  27. Happy Spring to you, too! These photos are so beautiful - I want to be there! Beautiful poetry, too - Spring Time Words! Love!


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