Friday, September 12, 2014

The Tricoloured Trio


Yesterday, while splashing about in the pool, 
swimming lap after lap, in order to stay cool,

 I noticed a symphony of yellows, greens and blues,
around the surrounding stage that is my garden.

  Luminous, the lantana, like lyric sopranos,
dotted the scene in sharp staccatos, 
while the pale, periwinkle blue plumbago, 
mimicking a low profile, rather quiet alto,
hid behind little canopies of green.

  Cypresses, crowned in tones of gold,
 bookmarked the blues up in the sky,
and as the maestros of this lullaby,
conducted the clouds to descrescendo.

With the puffy masses in pianissimo,
the yellow, green, and blue trio
speckled the countryside
 in complementary hues,
in a melodic melting pot of solos. 

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  1. Hi Poppy, I enjoyed your comment on my blog and now we are following each other's blogs. My husband and I spent a few days on Crete, and it looks like a wonderful place to live.

  2. Beautiful colors and scenery. Wonderfully here with you :) Yours connect with your

  3. Beautiful view, lovely flowers, adorable nature. I like how you described them in comparison with music. Brilliant!

  4. danke für die wunderschönen bilder und einen schönen abend wünscht angie aus deutschland

  5. Poppy, I just came over from your comment on Cranberry Morning. This is so beautiful!

  6. Simply love that third picture for the variety of colours. Wonders of nature.


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