Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Sizzle

Potted petals, leaves dry and brittle,
line up patiently for their daily drizzle.


A sprinkle of H2O and plenty of TLC,
they are spared a sunburnt tragedy.


 A war of hide and seek 
with the fiery foe in the sky,

they dodge its burning bullets,
  blocked by marble allies.


Even those who worship
the rays of its force,


 do not brave the watery oasis,
but, instead, change course.

 Only the fierce and the flying 
dare to socialize, 
taking a dip and a dive
before jetting back to their hives,

 refuelled, and on 
the runway, and
ready for takeoff.

Thanks for visiting
and have a fun weekend!


  1. Hi poppy, your post just spells SUMMER and makes the sun shine even brighter! Thank you for visiting me - am your new follower now, come and follow me too?

  2. So happy and upbeat, it put a smile on my face and a spring in my step!

  3. Hi Poppy,

    Summer looks so beautiful there with all your lovely flowers.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos - warms me up here on a cooler day
    happy weekend

  4. The flowers look lovely in the bright sunlight.

  5. Thank you so much for leaving a comment over at my blog about my 'Bramasole' post. I simply had to visit your blog once I read you were living in Crete. Oh, how envious I am. The photos are gorgeous and now make me want to visit. I have seen much of Europe but not visited Crete. I have a friend that has just got back from a month in Greece, she absolutely loved it. I am following along your blog now as I don't want to miss out on your lovely posts.

    Lee :)

  6. Oh my gosh! what a beautiful place. Wish is was there right now. And such lovely words too.

  7. Thanks for visiting @thelittlefarmdiary! When you said 'Crete', I knew I had to come for a visit! Breathtaking!

  8. Hi Poppy,

    I love your pretty and vibrant flowers! It's hard to believe summer is almost over.


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