Sunday, February 16, 2014

What the Tide Replied

Have you ever spoken with the sea
on matters too foggy to foresee?

When your judgment, hazy from emotion
clouded any sighting of clear notion?

And, after friendly offerings of advice,
and couple of rolls of the 'decision' dice,

neither enticed, convinced, nor sufficed
quite like that of the ocean's?

Flowing and fluid, a miraculous, watery mass
grounding giants of stone 
in a vast, liquid glass,

its powers of persuasion, 
and the wisdom in its waves,

a sudsy message splashed,
and on the sand engraved,

 for me, 
to search and ponder,
 consider and decipher -

 hydro hieroglyphics
of a deep, aquatic cave.

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All images: Poppy

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  1. Beautiful post, so sentimental and yes, I feel like this about the sea, I love it's mistery and serenity. I do talk to it, it makes me want to pour my heart out to it! I adore the tides, the sound of it, the beauty of it, etc. Thanks for sharing my firend. Thanks a ton for your sweet and kind visit.
    Have a lovely week ahead.


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