Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Girl Sitting in the Sun

Who is this young woman
sitting in the light,
her dark tresses, thick,
 her lips, shiny, and bright?  
I sense I've seen her 
somewhere before.
I feel our paths crossed 
a long time ago,
to faraway lands, and
 half-opened doors.
Yet, eerily, I still
 hold her close,
to my heart.

Her eyes, 
painted and pencilled
in rich, smoky hues,
are drawn with precision
 to intrigue and amuse the
vibrant youth of her being -
 she lives for the moment!
  Her future is foreign,
faraway, unforeseen.

there's something about her
  that's strangely familiar!
  If I could just hear her voice,
it would all be much clearer. 
after listening very closely
to what we would say,
I'd take our advice,
and meet her today.
Just the two of us,
here, in the mirror.

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  1. I'm not sure what I'd say but your words have me thinking. The fading of visage in the photos works very well. I enjoyed this.

    I read the interview of you at Poets United today and was quite taken by it. Congratulations on your escaping to the countryside. Now you can try to hear what the countryside replied. eh? :)

  2. What a unique approach, Poppy. I like the way you have worked the photo in three different ways & the three different stanzas. Interesting to see oneself looking at oneself straight on like this. Sometime we do see each other as familiar people rather than ourselves, I think, as we look in the mirror (or even look at old photographs).

  3. love this fade in fade out technique Poppy giving a new dimension to the're beautiful!! and so are your words....

  4. It is always good to remember who we have been...after all they made us who we are :)

  5. There is something quite sad about the combination of fading pictures and the poetry of telling of yourself as that person you once were but is now disappearing.

  6. What a wonderful creation - the fading memories as sepia, when we see it is familiar yet not. What a brilliant picture of youth.. and I'm sure it's very much like what you meet in the mirror,

  7. Loved this poem...! :D You have really outdone yourself :)
    Hope you are having a wonderful day :D
    Lots of love,

  8. creative and clever... well done!

  9. I had the feeling you were honestly addressing your younger self in a slightly wistful tone. I like the clever way you went with this combination of words and photos.

  10. You still look so much like your younger self, lucky you! I enjoyed the various treatments of the photo. Very cool. By the way, the Unknown Gnome in the comments above made a move from the US to SPAIN, where he lives with his wife.....a leap much like yours to a beautiful location. The photos he has posted are breathtaking.

  11. this is a photo story, images and words speaking to us readers, i luv the tale you told

    Poppy thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Lime

    much love...

  12. Very interesting and uniquely creative approach to the idea of being able to go back to our younger selves and have a heart-to-heart conversation. Well-done!

  13. Oh aging. Inevitable blessing that's sometimes a curse. Nice how you used your picture. u were/are beautiful.) I can relate to wanting to meet the young me in the mirror. The aged one is so strange, unfamiliar. She shocks me every morning.

  14. I have reflected on my younger self and I love how you captured yours here...wonderful words and images! Especially loved:

    'I'd take our advice,
    and meet her today.
    Just the two of us,
    here, in the mirror. '

  15. Nice to talk with self being younger.....I love too my old photos....getting lost in the time, when looking... nothing to change, everything - lessons...and everyone has them thru life...~ looking great! :)x

  16. Poppy,

    Self-reflection is rewarding, as one gets older..Progress and what has been achieved, paths travelled...So much to see in that mirror!


  17. I do like have you changed the photograph and each time, no matter how old I get I never seem to grow out of my identity issues I suppose because getting to know someone even yourself if a lifelong process


  18. The progression of the photos from colored to sepia is an indication of memory, of moments well-spent. Lovely reflection Poppy

  19. Such a morning to not recognize yourself.


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