Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Matter of Taste


 'Do you like it?', she excitedly asked,
smiling, and expecting me to answer
positively and wholeheartedly 
to her pressing, culinary inquiry. 

the forks went down,
the knives stood by,
the glasses clinked,
my mouth went dry.

'It's delicious!', I, of course, replied,
but the eyes don't lie, do they?

it seemed everyone had lost their appetite -
(the perfect excuse not to eat another bite!),
I bet.

And so, 
as cutlery etiquette goes,
every knife and fork disclosed 
(plate position 4:20 on the nose!), 
that dinner time was duly over.

 Dessert was promptly served, and
 as the coffee was being stirred,
 I hoped that my honest reaction
to my hostess's 'trick' question 
wasn't too much of an indiscretion;
 believe me, that wasn't my intention! 

 After all,
it's impossible to be objective
with regards to matters of taste:
 we're wired to be selective,
when our buds are faced  
with salty or sweet,
veggies or meat,
black or white, but
 when it comes to
who is wrong or
what is right,
we're not. That
takes thought, 
and plenty of it. 

Written for Susan's Midweek Motif:
at Poet's United

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  1. HaHa! You took on the big one!

  2. Indeed we are wired to be selective indeed. In some areas it is definitely NEAR impossible to be selective!

    1. I meant - 'NEAR impossible to be objective!'

  3. Love it You are right With food we cannot be objective we make choices all the time
    but if it comes to matters of wrong and right it is a morel responsibility to give it lots of thought. Well worded Thank you

  4. LOL!
    i've had that predicament!
    you're right. the eyes can't lie. regardless what comes from the lips!

  5. In matters of taste, I find most people are quite honest, Poppy. However, some do it graciously and tactfully, others are brusque, impolite or downright rude. Etiquette dictates a gentle voicing of one's honest opinion as your poem exemplifies! :-)

  6. Knew about the fork and spoon being together but not about the position of 4:20

  7. My friend,
    thanks most sincerely fro the lovely comment you left on - My little old world - I appreciate it so, so much !

    You've such an interesting blog, I'm going and follow you with gladness !

    Wishing yopu all my best

    X Daniela

  8. love to read... it's really true, eye cannot lie..

    Thanks for visiting my blog..

  9. What a tender and cleaver poem. The art of diplomacy is a gift that makes way for continuing opportunities to interact in arenas where delicate sorting of important matters could possible happen.
    The reality is that we ultimately all require a lot of forbearance of each other.
    Your illustrations are fun too.


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