Sunday, March 8, 2015

Raindrop Roses

Roses on my table,
floating in a puddle of dew,
petals layered next to savouries,
and a bittersweet, Greek brew.

 Posing on my dresser,
 claiming centre stage,
  they're luscious leading ladies
among gentlemen jars of sage.

They sparkle in the sunlight,
eclipsed only by a gingham shade,
 basking smugly in the fleeting limelight,
until their striking beauty fades.

Too much sun for a starlet,
can the process of aging start,
 wilting her vibrant spirit,
and breaking her tender heart.

Left with traces of her brilliance,
(when youth beamed on her face,
 allowing her to upstage those
 tattered, and time embraced),
 she, now uprooted, muted and diluted,
was replaced by fresh cut hopefuls
in a curvy, half-full vase.

when scarlet petals 
snap from brittle stems,
then tumble to the ground
 like drizzling rain,
  tiny, blood red teardrops,
stain their souls 
with endless pain.

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  1. They really are the most beautiful and romantic of flowers!

  2. The end verse is breathtaking and I so love all the colour and life you bring to your posts

  3. while they live they are beauty...but even in their passing it is just a different form...
    the roses hopefully are from one who loves you....smiles.

  4. I enjoyed all of the photos that you took of the roses. It is sad, isn't it, when at last they snap from their brittle stems....but at least they have brought someone much joy, beautiful photographs, and poetry. Smiles.

  5. Lovely picture and an equally complementing lines:)

  6. Very very nice!!! Love your words and photography. And are those pittosporum leaves in with the roses??!!! I planted some of those over 20 years ago by our front door, and they are just about to bloom, which will mean bees and more bees buzzing about -- happy day!

  7. Those falling petals are like blood .. really what beauty in decay.. Love the way you brought the poem home to a metaphor..

  8. What a feast of images this post is........and i love the personas you granted the blooms........I admire your decorating touches, glimpses of your beautiful surroundings in the photos. You are rich in roses!

  9. Poppy I adored the petals bask smugly...and what an ending! Oh and I would love some of that Greek coffee!

  10. I have always loved roses..such beauty in the bud/flower but, the stem has thorns which can pierce our flesh. A rose is symbolic in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your version of words and photos.

  11. ah the life story of flowers. wonderfully put and observed

  12. What gorgeous roses. Few things make me happier than flowers :-)

  13. I just noticed the "PoppyView" label on the pics--nicely done! These verses are enchanting, but the last is truly mesmerizing.

  14. Fabulous........thank you Poppy!

    Have a wonderful week!

  15. Why else does a moth fly from the night than to a bold, attractive candle Light? Don't let His extravagant brilliance be extinguished, girl. You're creative, yes? Then fly-away with U.S to the antidote. . .


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