Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Town Mouse in a Country House

near the square,
set in stone,
 and bejewelled in
 ruby red radiance,

 or stucco clad,
 and accessorized by a
 signature sweet fragrance -
they charm. 

Crowning a hilltop,
overlooking the sea,
tiny, kid-drawn cottages
 bewitch and beckon me.

In the valley below,
 vanilla villas and
 patches of produce
  in bright, veggie green,
  are the perfect ingredients
 of Cretan country cuisine.

Back home,
between the finials
 of the black, iron gate,
this born and bred 
town mouse gazes at
her geographical fate.

Town mouse
or country mouse,
a critter needs 
its house! 

Which one are you?

Thanks for visiting.
Have a lovely weekend.

Last image: Lorinda Bryan Cauley


  1. wow, was für wunderschöne bilder!!! danke dafür und einen schönen abend wünscht angie

  2. What gorgeous photos! I'm a little of both, I think :)

  3. Like the way the door is covered by greenery.

  4. Gorgeous place and pictures greeting from Belgium.

  5. Hello Poppy, What a sweet name! I enjoyed my visit here today! I did become a follower of your blog! Come visit me soon! Blessings to you, Roxy

  6. Hi, I just came across your blog... Love all the pictures of houses and the wonderful poem to accompany them! I have always been obsessed with houses, but this lady week I have been silly spending too much time looking up cottages... Anyway, just had to comment when I found this great post!

  7. Definitely a country mouse! I found your blog through Christine's. Such lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing with us.


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