Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Plain As Day

You'd think,
after all the 
dismal disappointment,
emotional abandonment and
ending of endearments,
you'd learn.

That you'd discern
those silences to mean
feelings of pure apathy
and not a sense of mystery,
but merely what they really were:
a complete lack of concern.

But you grew up in the 1970s, 
with a very cheery bunch of Bradys,
who lived on the other side 
of your TV screen, in a land where
 the grass was always shiny green.

Alas, how were you, 
an impressionable, little girl to know,
 that this wildly popular family show, 
was not the best possible example 
of reality's messy truths?

And thus,
once you'd witnessed
such idyllic scenes,
who would've dared to
spill the beans, and
 burst your bubble 
of happy dreams,
to save you from
your future wounds? 

 Now,that would have been
sheer foolishness -
 you'd have never surrendered
to such nonsense,
even if it was 
plain as day,
as seen through your
 rose coloured glasses.

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Written for
 Susan's Mid Week Motif
at Poets United

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Of all my time 
on Mother Earth,
(some 50 + years
since my own birth),
it's the present
that I think,
is mostly worth

For, the past
always seems
 so sweet.
Its bitterness,
with work,
sought retreat,
and in hindsight,
had no purpose.

 You see,
forgiveness and pride,
 two nemeses that,
fought each other ruthlessly, 
in a never-ending odyssey,
one day, quite shockingly,
surrendered simultaneously
as if they were outnumbered. 

forgiveness has a memory
and pride, a tendency toward enmity,
and thus, that idyllic victory,
was unsurprisingly, short-lived.

the two forces are not
as fueled, since time has
invaded their dwindling duel,
but underneath the battleground,
the earth still burns and trembles.


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