Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Budding Romance

April, I long for the arrival of your
 ethereal splendour, daylight that dazzles,
 elemental harmony and enchanting nights.

 I confess:
in the springtime of my being, 
my romance with October,
(which proved to be a fling, 
and should have been
 over decades ago), 
 blinded me from seeing
how romantically appealing 
you can truly be.

So, thank you, sweet April, 
for the meadows of soft petals 
that cushion my sore feet,
  for the sparkly rays of 
sunshine that adorn my shoulders,
for the dewy, dainty raindrops
 that trickle down my lashes
 and for the fragrant blossoms 
that prompt my heart to skip a beat.

Now, in the autumn of my days,
the praise of leafy luxury
 has morphed into malaise, since,
 what follows fallen foliage
- winter's barren browns
and callous whites -
 could never ignite the passion 
 found in springtime's floral brights.

 Written for Susan's Midweek Motif:
'April', at Poets United

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